Soft Boccia

13,500 Ft

Great fun, wherever you are! Whether indoors or out, or on a carpet, parquet, lawn, sand or paving – thanks to its exceptionally soft balls, you can play this game of bowls everywhere. In a colourful design and with robust finishing, each member of the family will enthusiastically try to throw the bigger balls as closely as possible to the small target ball. Players old and young can improve their motor skills and coordination with SoftBoccia. Due to their pleasant structure and soft filling, the soft balls are also great for use as a “stress ball” or for juggling. And with the useful net carry bag, you can take the game wherever you want. Suitable for everyone age 6 or over.


Set of 6 coloured, washable soft balls in 2 different designs, one target ball (“piglet”) and one net carry bag. Material: Polyester; filler material: Synthetic granulate, washable, water repellent