Spice mill ‘Lennox’

13,500 Ft


The spice mill adds the finishing touch to dishes and looks good on any table. Its interior is made of stainless steel and it has an infinitely adjustable ceramic grinder with which the degree of grinding of the grains can be adjusted according to taste. For salt and pepper as well as all other spice grains that are coarse and firm. Easy to use: To fill the mill, the rotary head is pulled off and the spice grains are filled into the mill. Then the rotary head is put back on. The grinding degree is set using the wheel on the underside of the mill: clockwise: fine, counterclockwise: coarse. The mill is available in different colour combinations that can be perfectly combined with each other.

Material: wood, stainless steel, ceramic grinding mechanism
Dimensions: H 18 cm, Ø 5,5 cm