Territoire Hexagonal tray, yellow Sand

36,500 Ft

Designer: Matali Crasset


Matali crasset has designed the hexagonal-shaped tray “Territoire”, made of 18/10 polished steel and coloured steel with epoxy varnish: “Yellow sand”. “Territoire” can be paired together with pentagon-shaped version “Territoire intime”, creating a composition of lines and geometric surfaces, further enhanced by the option of juxtaposing the steel version with the coloured ones. The central themes of matali crasset continually evolving exploration reflect on new ways of living, on the proper use of available space and its related new typologies, on modularity, appropriation and flexibility and on a very personal use of colour.

Material: 18/10 steel coloured with epoxy resin
Size: 1,5 x 46 x 43,3 cm


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