13,500 Ft


Who can build the highest tower? Warning: Danger of collapse! Nerves of steel and a steady hand are called for with Torrino, as only then will you manage to stably stack as many pieces as possible on top of each other. With their different sizes, the colourful building bricks offer lots of possibilities to put the laws of statics to the test. And coordination skills and three-dimensional thinking are trained at the same time.

12 pieces in different sizes and colours, not suitable for children under 3 years old
Dimensions of biggest building brick: approx. W 5.8 x D 4.2 x H 4.7 cm, Dimensions of smallest building brick: approx. W 3.2 x D 3.2 x H 3.5 cm

Material: Beech wood
Suitable for aged 6 and over


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